"Shame On You" out now!

With “Shame On You” and the rest of the songs that will follow for my “Angel With Tattoos” concept project, I committed to a sound that pays homage to the artists from the 70’s I grew up listening to. Producer and co-writer Dave Bassett and I got together frequently last year at his serene Malibu home atop a mountain overlooking the ocean, and we created this music almost effortlessly. I was newly in love and inspired, and together Dave and I stumbled upon this very specific sound that felt simply authentic, and perfectly lined up with the emotions I wanted to express. Every word of this song is truth. My fiancé Elliott is like a magical unicorn to me... and when I first started seeing him, I only got to be with him for limited amounts of time, as I was always traveling for work. And when I wasn’t with him, it was like there was a fog over my eyes, and even the most beautiful sunset was no longer beautiful to me. There was no view that was beautiful unless he was standing in it. I wrote this song during that time. Thankfully we are together now almost 24/7!

Angel With Tattoos arrives October 18th // listen to "Shame On You" everywhere now.